LG WebOS Remote



I recently upgraded my TV on account of the noises the old one was starting to make – it served me well a good 7 years worth but had to go. My new one has all those wifi and smart features you’d expect so it makes sense to try and integrate it with Kodi or other things around the place using whatever tools available… In my case, almost always, python. 😉

So after a little fiddling and reverse engineering, scanning, and interrogating I put together this tool. LGWebOSRemote – https://github.com/klattimer/LGWebOSRemote

Most of the existing tools for python users weren’t functional, and some were down right wacky. It seems newer versions of LGWebOS don’t use HTTP/REST they favour websockets instead. Websockets are a pain in the backside, regardless the tool is here, it works (almost completely). 

There’s an issue which appears to be the TV’s fault regarding the Wake on LAN feature timing out over wifi, this shouldn’t happen if you’re wired in thought.

I’ve got a whole bunch of other things I’m working on but nothing ready to release yet, trying to find time is difficult but hopefully some nice new code drops will come soon, otherwise keep checking my github page for things I’m working on.