KodiPlay, pushing media to Kodi

KodiPlay for Safari

kodplay.icon.colour.largeKodiPlay is a Safari Extension which allows you to queue the content on the current page to play on Kodi Media Centre.

Ever wanted to zap the youtube video you’re watching to your TV, well that’s what KodiPlay does. It sends the URL to the content over to the Kodi installation and Kodi decides how to handle it. You’ll need the appropriate add ons installed on Kodi to handle the content you’re sending, some of those add ons are included in the default installation. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to do a bonjour discovery in a browser, it would have some lets say, security implications, therefore you will have to pop into the preferences dialog to set up the host and port that Kodi provides for remote control.

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KodiPlay ScreenshotKodiPlay adds a button to the left of the address bar which will send the content on the current page to Kodi. KodiPlay is a one button approach to playing media, in the future I may add more features but would prefer to restrict it to the simple single action. KodiPlay is derived from Play to XBMC and will be updated to reflect any useful changes in Play to XBMC. There are likely some bugs due to the porting, but I’ll iron those out over time, and also try and track the features upstream.

Supported content providers include: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, CollegeHumor, eBaumsWorld, LiveLeak, Twitch.tv, Khan Academy, Hulu, AnimeLab, ARD MediaTek, Freeride.se, Katsomo.fi, Ruutu.fi, Yle Areena, SoundCloud, MyCloudPlayers, MixCloud and even magnet links.

KodiPlay for iOS

KodiPlay for Safari is so popular that I’ve decided to take it a step further and I’m developing KodiPlay for iOS. More information regarding KodiPlay for iOS will come soon as I get it into the app store. 

KodiPlay Support Contact

Feel free to request features, report bugs and get in touch about contributing. You can of course head over to the github page, and fork away to your hearts content.