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Buy a HotPi from ModMyPi.The HotPi is an add on board for the Raspberry Pi GPIO port. It is currently 100% compatible with the Raspberry Pi A and B and B+, but some functionality is limited on the B2 including fan control and LED control. We’re working on resolving those issues.

HotPi started as a kickstarter back towards the end of 2012. Now the HotPi is available from ModMyPi. It is designed as both a learning aid and a function peripheral for the Raspberry Pi. It is useful in a number of ways, for instance the RTC is useful for battery operated offline devices to help maintain the time. Whereas the Infra-red transmitter and receiver are supported by Kodi, and has even been used to control an air conditioned environment for over 100 people.

The HotPi comes as a kit composed of all electronic components required to assemble. You will need to bring your own Soldering Iron and Solder. The kit will take a few minutes to assemble for an inexperienced solderer, please take a little care to prevent cold-soldered joints.

The boards are extremely high quality 1.5mm thick double-sided and come in two colours Green (first batch printed) and Red (Second batch).

HotPi FeaturesHotPi

  • Infra Red IR Transmitter & Receiver (LIRC-RPI Driver)
  • Real Time Clock with battery backup (RTC-DS1307 Driver)
  • RGB LED (User Space Driver)
  • Speed Controlled Fan Output (User Space Driver)

HotPi Accessories

Due to an issue sourcing parts we do not include the IR Emitter with the kit, these can be purchased from a variety of sellers for instance on eBay



git clone
cd HotPi
sudo ./
sudo ./

User Manual Snapshots


Lots of instructional photographs


Circuit diagram of the HotPi

Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions

OS Support

Information on support from the most common OS distributions

Kernel Rebuild

A short guide on rebuilding your kernel on common platforms

GPIO Pinouts & More

There are extras included for the Raspberry Pi experimenter… GPIO Pinouts, Raspberry Pi dimension diagrams, hardware specs etc…

Introduction to Linux

A short guide to the linux command line.

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