3D Printer updates… Why not use aluminium plate?

I’ve ordered a bunch of parts for my 3D printer, essentially to get it up to printing standards without difficulties with the controller etc… So yeah I bought a RAMPS 1.4 and a new arduino mega, and an LCD screen, all new wiring and some fresh PLA on a spool.

I also got to thinking about my warped x-carriage and what could be done about it. My first thoughts were to purchase a new one from 3D Hubs, but having a custom one printed was quite expensive. So instead, I looked at the thing for a while and concluded that I should just cut a replacement from aluminium. This isn’t difficult, aluminium is a very soft metal, it can usually be guillotined or cut with a junior hack saw or jigsaw. I’m opting for the jigsaw. I’m working on a template and once I’m ready to I’ll upload it to thingiverse.

Simply put the aluminium plate x-carriage will be made out of 3mm aluminium and will have 3 or 4 CNC bearings to keep it on the runners. In the middle I’ll cut a 2cm hole and drill holes for the extruder mechanics to fit on. This also made me consider the bed and what can be done with it. So I’m going to look into replacing the bed on the printer with an alu plate probably 4mm with 4 CNC bearings in. That will sit directly underneath the bed heater plate with some foam insulation between to keep the PCB stiff in the middle. I need to get some bending tools to make this right, as I want to have a fan holder and a built-in end stop tag for opto-endstops.

I’m looking for a 700W PC power supply if anyone wants to donate me one? There are a lot of these laying around that people don’t need and I’d rather not create more junk for the giant trash pile if possible to avoid.

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