3D Printer Fixing….

My much unloved 3D printer has never really worked quite right… I put this down to a bunch of problems firstly my wiring is inadequate in some places (hot bed mostly), my bars have corroded because they didn’t have any kind of rust protection on them, my bearings have corroded in some places and need replacing and my carriage is a bit bent… And my GEN7 board probably isn’t as reliable as a ramps would be.

cartidge heaterI have however replaced the seriously inadequate resistor with a Cartridge Heater. However it’s a good idea to keep it in good condition along with the thermistor because of this:

Thermal runaway cartridge heater.

So, instead of buying new bars and essentially starting again. I’ve decided to get some chrome plating equipment and begin chroming the rods to prevent any further rust build up. I’ll replace the bearings too. Then I’ll get to work on repairing some wiring before giving it another test 🙂

Sunderland airshow today so I don’t think I’ll be rewiring today.